Membership dues and scholarship fundraising have been combined into a joint function in order to tie savings incentives for membership fees to student scholarship contributions. The Graphic Arts Council's largest single expenditure each year is the amount sent to the institutions of higher learning for deserving students at $2000.00 per student per year. However, as much as donations are needed for these scholarships, membership in GAC is important too.

Membership helps to support the GAC's ability to provide educational seminars, an internship program, and a job bank/ co-op program for the benefit of members. Because the list of scholarship contributors has recently outnumbered members by three to two, we are now offering discounts on membership fees of 10% of the amount of the scholarship donation. In the case of some generous contributors, the discount is allowing for free GAC memberships. GAC encourages donors to take advantage of the membership discount privileges, as well as the fact that all scholarship donations are tax deductible.

This fund raising challenge is a volunteer effort, that allows GAC to re-invest in the future of the graphic arts industry. For additional information please contact the GAC Office.

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2015 Scholarship Recipients

Alyssa Turoczy
Riverside High School / Auburn Career Center
Instructors: Mr. Hartman (Riverside) / Mr. Kozar (Auburn

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